1. Profiling High Level Abstraction Simulators of Multiprocessor Systems (WCAS 2012)
  2. Optimizing Simulation in Multiprocessor Platforms using Dynamic-Compiled Simulation (WSCAD-SSC 2012)


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  2. Using Multiple Abstraction Levels to Speedup an MPSoC Virtual Platform Simulator (RSP 2011)


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  2. ARP: Um Gerenciador de Pacotes para Sistemas Embarcados com Processadores Modelados em ArchC (WSE 2010)(in Portuguese)


  1. Dotando ArchC com Infraestrutura para Geracao de Montadores e Simuladores ARM (WSCAD-WIC)(in Portuguese)
  2. Um Sistema de Ligacao Dinamica Independente de Arquitetura Baseado em ADL (IC-TEC-REP)(in Portuguese)


  1. An Open-Source Binary Utility Generator (ACM TODAES)


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  2. An Efficient Framework for High-Level Power Exploration (MWSCAS 2007)
  3. A Flexible Platform Framework for Rapid Transactional Memory Systems Prototyping and Evaluation (RSP 2007)
  4. A Methodology and Toolset to Enable SystemC and VHDL Cosimulation (ISVLSI 2007)
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  6. On the Limitations of Power Macromodeling Techniques (ISVLSI 2007)
  7. PowerSC: A SystemC Framework for Power Estimation (NASCUG).
  8. PowerSC: A SystemC-based framework for power estimation(IC-TEC-REP)
  9. Estimativa de Consumo de Energia em Nivel de Instrucao para Processadores Modelados em ArchC (Master Dissertation)(in Portuguese)


  1. Clustering-Based Microcode Compression
  2. 2D-VLIW: An Architecture Based on the Geometry of Computation
  3. Dual Selective Code Compression
  4. Exploiting Dynamic Reconfiguration Techniques: The 2D-VLIW Approach
  5. The Datapath Merging Problem in Reconfigurable Systems: Complexity, Dual Bounds and Heuristic Evaluation
  6. Software-Based Transparent and Comprehensive Control-Flow Error Detection
  7. The 2D-VLIW Architecture
  8. Projeto e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas Embarcados Multiprocessados(in Portuguese)


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  2. Extending the ArchC Language for Automatic Generation of Assemblers (SBAC-PAD)
  3. Geracao Automatica de Montadores para Modelos de Arquiteturas Escritos em ArchC (in Portuguese)


  1. ArchC: A SystemC-Based Architecture Description Language (SBAC-PAD)
  2. Modeling and Simulating Memory Hierarchies in a Platform-based Design Methodology (DATE)
  3. Optimizations for Compiled Simulation Using Instruction Type Information (SBAC-PAD)
  4. Teaching Computer Architecture Using an Architecture Description Language (WCAE)


  1. Emulating Operating System Calls in Retargetable ISA Simulators
  2. Exploring Memory Hierachy with ArchC (SBAC-PAD)
  3. The ArchC Architecture Description Language