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Online documentation

Set of documents describing how ArchC works:

Last updateDescription
2014-03-03Video Tutorial on SystemC, ArchC, and Compilers installation.
2013-06-16Getting Started with ACPM, the ArchC Platform Manager.
2013-05-16Nikolaos' testimonial
2013-04-29ArchC 2.1 compatibility patch to gcc 4.7.x
2013-04-07Getting Started. ArchC basic steps, learn your way into the infrastruture
2013-03-20ACCGen: Building and running the MiBench benchmark for ARM
2013-03-01Getting Started with ACCGen, the ArchC compiler generator.
2010-10-25The ArchC Language Support & Tools for Automatic Generation of Binary Utilities
2007-08-31The ArchC Language Reference Manual
2005-07-15The ArchC Assembler Generator Manual
2003-08-21Retargeting GCC to ArchC models