The work at ArchC is entirely funded by research grants from agencies and companies, and by individuals that dedicate their time and energy to the development of high-quality architectural models. As an open-source initiative, we hope that our work can help architects in their mission to design complex processor-based platforms. In order to continue such work we are constantly looking for any kind of support.

If you think that ArchC has been useful to you or your company, please stop by and write a few words of support. Your testimonial can become a valuable tool in our constant struggle for funding.

We appreciate your support.

Jacques Fournier

Computer Laboratory

University of Cambridge - UK

I'm currently doing archtectural studies for embedded processors doing cryptography. ArchC turned out to be a fabulous tool in the sense that *It was straight-forward to install and get running *I rather easily modelized the arhictecture I've been working on and get a functional model running even if at first I wasn't much 'fluent' in SystemC. *As I also have one foot in industry, I should say that it's a good thing that ArchC is based on recognised tools like SystemC. *Last, but not least, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the good and rapid 'on-line' support from the ArchC team.

Nikolaos Kavvadias, Ph.D. Student

Electronics Lab, Department of Physics,

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Greece

What I found useful in ArchC/ how has ArchC helped me in my research: *Ease of designing "variations" of a base processor. Most of my papers require tradeoff analysis on alternative architectures. *My "drproc" model is a 5-pipeline stage RISC processor with specialized instructions for data-reuse transformations \[work of Catthoor et al, IMEC\]. I originally had coded an assembler (~few days) and the entire processor in plain SystemC (~month). When I found out about ArchC, it required only 3-4 8-hour days to deliver to my colleagues a much more robust cycle-accurate simulator in ArchC! *I have ran big applications (e.g. one sourceforge application, of 25K C lines with intensive use of pointers) with no problem on the R3000 and MIPS models of ArchC. Read the full text of [Nikolaos' testimonial](blog.2013-05-16.nik_testimonial.html).

Going Wei (Simon)

Archc do great help for me in writing simulator generator for the verification of hardware/software codesign in our work. We hope it can be more powerful to support more characters of various cpu.

Andreia Barbiero

Informatics Department

Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) - Brazil

I am a master's degree student and I am using ArchC in my thesis. I intend to include Motorola DSP 56827, Rabbit and Atmel processor's description in the ArchC Models. The main reason that I am using ArchC is a good documentation, is difficult find projects like this: documented, organized and working well! Congratulations and thanks!